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Hiii,I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while🙊
Anyway this one is basically a shout out to all those students out there who have to choose their career or well technically have their career handed over to them whether its their parents or relatives or whosoever.
Here you go guys,remember

“Do what you love,love what you do”

There’s always this dark gloomy cloud hanging above your head at sixteen which continues to grow darker and wilder.
Thunders and lightens. Fills up every pore till it finally starts to sink,drown in its own whirlpool of droplets. Etching its mark across the sky.
Finally,at last once it’s had enough and can’t stand more,it bursts apart.
And when it does ,you realise that you’re crying,these droplets are nothing but tears etched on your face.
Eventually youll realise that you’re lost and you don’t want to do this
Youll finally have the courage to take up your own path.
Youll find something that you love and would want to do that everyday.
Youll have a new beginning,
You’ll finally have your own life
And above everything,you’re stronger than this.