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I woke up, breathless.
Forehead smothered with sweat.
It was so real,I could feel everything.
Blood pulsing through my veins,my heart beating faster than a humming bird.
I knew this was not real but I couldn’t seem to escape.
No matter what I did,I kept failing.
This wasn’t how dreams were supposed to be.
Its been almost three months now.
They never seem to go back.
I’ve done everything I can,
But somehow their necks always end up cracked.
I keep seeing the same again and again,
I want to stop it but god help me, I can’t.
There has to be a way,
I can’t do this every time.
Watch them die every night
Only to see them born again.
I’ve heard stories about lucid dreams,
And the horrendous paralysis while asleep.
How am I supposed to run from them?
When they run within me,deep.