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Look in the mirror,
Stare at what you see for a long time.
What was it?
A broken person?
Someone who has been thrown down too many times?
Who has been told many lies?
Who can’t handle anymore ties?
Now look at me,
I’ll tell you about the enigma I see.
You my friend,have the stars in your eyes.
Filled with supernovas,twinkling and lighting up the sky.
You my friend,have rivers glowing in your nerves,don’t you dare try and drain them dry.
You my friend,have billions of galaxies roaming in your mind,
Expanding and creating things,too small for the human to abide by.
You my friend,have the thunder in your voice.
Take a stand, rise up and fly till you reach cloud nine.
Unbending and making your own path even after being beating down,you’re stronger than the mightiest mountain.
Waltzing away with no care in the world,you’ve come so far.
No matter how much you try to hide,how can I escape this beauty in front of me?
You’re infinite,nobody can capture you.
You my friend, are the universe.