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I love you

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Happy
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So I don’t even think most people will read this,I mean this isn’t one of those regular posts,its more like all the things I’ve wanted to say to someone.
Here goes nothing.

Hiii,see I know you’re probably reading this and youll figure that its for you but I had to tell you this,
Thank you,
Thank you for standing with me,thank for standing up for me,thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
You’re so genuine,nice and kind,its sort of crazy,like hello its supposed to be illegal to be a complete package.
You’ve given me the best advise,supported me through everything I’ve done even when you didn’t approve it.
You’ve stood by me even when I’ve acted like a psycho bitch and not even once got frustrated with me.
You’ve literally seen me at my ugliest and still loved me,even though I’ve become a hippo,you won’t call me fat,you’re family to me and I dont say this often and you dont get  enough credit for the things that you do,you’re so gullible its not even funny,I’m so bloody lucky to have you in my life,no one,I mean it, no one can ever take your place not in this lifetime not in the next infinite nor in any of the parallel universes,you’re my lifeline and mean the world to me.
Apart from my family its you>everyone.
I love you sooooo muchhh
Till death do us apart
Happy Birthday Best Friend.
You’re my numberr one

To all those who thought this is some sappy lovesick message to my non existent boyfriend or crush,no it’s not,its my best friend’s birthday and omgggg I’m so happy,he’s turning 17
Ok sorry,bye.
Have a lovely day cuties,much love xx