Hello there!
If you’ve come across this page then I just wanted to you know a very simple thing.
You,my friend are beautiful.
You’re amazing.
You’re talented.
You’ve got great adventures ahead of you!
Do not give up,no matter what happens.
Do not give up.
Life is going to throw lemons at you,make the best lemonade of it!
Cry,Fight,Scream,do anything but do not give up on your dream.
I may never meet you
But remember my soul acknowledges yours
Make the most of this life
It’s a rollercoaster
It’s gonna have its ups and downs
Fall in love,make mistakes, have heartbreaks,cry over it,move on.
Stay strong!
I dont know you but remember I am here for you,I will always stand by your side,I’ll be there for you if you need someone to talk to.
You’re not lonely in this big great world
I’m here for you and so are others
You can reach out to me anytime!
I love you❤

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