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Worth it?

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Life, Sad, Teenagers

After everything we’ve been through, we’ve always come out stronger but how long can one last till they finally snap and realise they’ve had enough? Even then,even after realising that they could get much better the real question is do they want much better?
It’s almost like checking the pros and cons.
You love them but they piss the hell out of you. You want them 24/7 but you also want to smack their face. The endless cycle of the same old fights,for how long will it continue?
Aren’t you tired of it by now?
Does this tie you down?
How do you feel when you realise that love is not enough?
What do you do when you’ve given up all your dreams for that one person and you get absolutely nothing in return? What do you do when they can’t handle you at your worst and instead of consoling you all they do is stir up another fight.
How much longer will you forgive them for their every mistake just because you want them in your life? Just because you’re not ready to let go.
Fights,fights day and night.
The same old question nags at the back of your mind,is this worth it?
Do you still want the same old love?
Do you wanna stay or walk away?

I woke up, breathless.
Forehead smothered with sweat.
It was so real,I could feel everything.
Blood pulsing through my veins,my heart beating faster than a humming bird.
I knew this was not real but I couldn’t seem to escape.
No matter what I did,I kept failing.
This wasn’t how dreams were supposed to be.
Its been almost three months now.
They never seem to go back.
I’ve done everything I can,
But somehow their necks always end up cracked.
I keep seeing the same again and again,
I want to stop it but god help me, I can’t.
There has to be a way,
I can’t do this every time.
Watch them die every night
Only to see them born again.
I’ve heard stories about lucid dreams,
And the horrendous paralysis while asleep.
How am I supposed to run from them?
When they run within me,deep.

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Posted: April 9, 2015 in Life, Sad, Society, Teenagers
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I’m just sixteen
I’m just a another teenager who is trying to find her place in this big world.
I have the constant fear of my friends backstabbing me.
I dont know if I should trust people anymore,I get attached way too soon.
I fall in love by looking into the soul.
I’m scared. I will always be.
I want to love,laugh,live freely.
Every friend that I’ve ever known has either lied to me or doesn’t respect me or something.
I dont know what will happen ahead.
I dont know what the future holds for me.
I dont know if I’m going to make it big.
I dont know if I’m still gonna have my friends then.
I dont know if I still going to be the same person that I am right now.
Because honestly speaking,
I’m just another teenager with dreams of her own,who wants to be loved like everyone else.
Im just another of the society.
I dont know what I am supposed to do.
I just want to read a good old book with a cup of coffee leaving the world and its problems behind.
I want to be free.
I’m just sixteen.