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Worth it?

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Life, Sad, Teenagers

After everything we’ve been through, we’ve always come out stronger but how long can one last till they finally snap and realise they’ve had enough? Even then,even after realising that they could get much better the real question is do they want much better?
It’s almost like checking the pros and cons.
You love them but they piss the hell out of you. You want them 24/7 but you also want to smack their face. The endless cycle of the same old fights,for how long will it continue?
Aren’t you tired of it by now?
Does this tie you down?
How do you feel when you realise that love is not enough?
What do you do when you’ve given up all your dreams for that one person and you get absolutely nothing in return? What do you do when they can’t handle you at your worst and instead of consoling you all they do is stir up another fight.
How much longer will you forgive them for their every mistake just because you want them in your life? Just because you’re not ready to let go.
Fights,fights day and night.
The same old question nags at the back of your mind,is this worth it?
Do you still want the same old love?
Do you wanna stay or walk away?

My person.

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Happy, Life, Society, Teenagers
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It’s funny how you meet hundreds of people everyday and nobody really matters much but then you meet this one person and you know that they have power to make or break you.
You’re not the same anymore,you never will be.
Suddenly everything has changed.
This person has got the potential to ruin you. This person could lift you off your feet and keep on taking you higher than what your Jack Daniels could.
You could be 10,best friends and knowing you never want to let this person go. You could be 17,madly unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. You could be 35, just had a divorce and maybe your soul is about to find its missing piece in the person standing besides you. You could be 65,smoking your cigar in central park,watching that lively woman play with her grandchildren and suddenly life doesn’t look dull anymore,all you want to do is hold that person in your arms. Hug them,never let them go. You’re gonna feel content,satisfied.
Youll want to climb the tallest mountain and jump out of running trains(hoping youll survive). Youll want to do anything and everything that makes them happy. You’ll want to explore the entire universe with them. You’re also going to have 2 AM arguments. Harsh words will be exchanged. Youll want to strangle them for driving you crazy but then you’ll realise this is the same person you met and felt your world shift. You’ll realise that no matter what happens, they are worth it. They are worth every argument,every fight. You’ll never want to leave them. Youll want so much more from life. Youll be in love,my friend.
And after all this?
You’ll know that no matter what happens, no matter if you’ll will go on forever and ever or end within a day,you’ll know that you’ll never want to forget them because they did what no one could ever do.
They taught you how to live and not just merely exist.

Look in the mirror,
Stare at what you see for a long time.
What was it?
A broken person?
Someone who has been thrown down too many times?
Who has been told many lies?
Who can’t handle anymore ties?
Now look at me,
I’ll tell you about the enigma I see.
You my friend,have the stars in your eyes.
Filled with supernovas,twinkling and lighting up the sky.
You my friend,have rivers glowing in your nerves,don’t you dare try and drain them dry.
You my friend,have billions of galaxies roaming in your mind,
Expanding and creating things,too small for the human to abide by.
You my friend,have the thunder in your voice.
Take a stand, rise up and fly till you reach cloud nine.
Unbending and making your own path even after being beating down,you’re stronger than the mightiest mountain.
Waltzing away with no care in the world,you’ve come so far.
No matter how much you try to hide,how can I escape this beauty in front of me?
You’re infinite,nobody can capture you.
You my friend, are the universe.


Posted: June 29, 2015 in Life, Society, Teenagers

There was a time when I loved swimming
I loved the way it made me feel
I was a good swimmer
In fact I was certain that I would or could never drown
Look at me now
I’m drowning
I’m struggling
I’m lost in every direction of life

What have I come to?
There was a time when I used to be so much fun
I used to love going out and now?
I just want to spend my time locked in my room
Listen to music so loud that I can’t feel a thing
I want to be numb

I want to run away
I dont ever want to come back to this place again
I want a fresh start
I want to forget every bad thing that has  happened to me

I am locked in a haze
I need something
I need someone to tell me its all worth it
That life is a struggle and youll make it big
I want someone to ignite a fire that will never get extinguished

And I needed this someone so bad that I became this someone
I am my own armour
I am my own anchor
I am what I am

I am the phoenix that rises again from its ash time and again
I am the fire I needed
I needed a hero
So that’s what I became

I am me
And I think that’s all I ever need to be.

Hiii,I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while🙊
Anyway this one is basically a shout out to all those students out there who have to choose their career or well technically have their career handed over to them whether its their parents or relatives or whosoever.
Here you go guys,remember

“Do what you love,love what you do”

There’s always this dark gloomy cloud hanging above your head at sixteen which continues to grow darker and wilder.
Thunders and lightens. Fills up every pore till it finally starts to sink,drown in its own whirlpool of droplets. Etching its mark across the sky.
Finally,at last once it’s had enough and can’t stand more,it bursts apart.
And when it does ,you realise that you’re crying,these droplets are nothing but tears etched on your face.
Eventually youll realise that you’re lost and you don’t want to do this
Youll finally have the courage to take up your own path.
Youll find something that you love and would want to do that everyday.
Youll have a new beginning,
You’ll finally have your own life
And above everything,you’re stronger than this.

What if you knew that today was your last day and you would never see anyone again?
What would you do?
Who is the first person that popped in your mind?
Whom would you want to spend your last minutes with?
Dont think,do it
It doesn’t matter if youll still talk or not,let them know that you love them
Let them know you’ll always be here for them
Dont wait for an opportunity to talk to them
Make an opportunity for yourself
Open yourself,live life to the fullest
Dont be scared of anything
You’ve got nothing to lose
Love doesn’t often stumble upon our door, so when it does,make sure you open it.


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Posted: April 24, 2015 in Happy, Life
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The pain that you feel in your heart when you dont get what you expected?
The sick feeling in your stomach when your results drop?
The tears that threaten to fall like a waterfall?
The bile that rises up your throat when you feel that you’re a disappointment?
The numbness that starts creeping in when everything around you starts failing?
The time when you suddenly realise that your life is flowing out of your hand?
Don’t let them win.
Don’t let these miserable feelings win.
Don’t fall under their deception.
Dont let them blind you.
Don’t make excuses.
Start again,start over.
Start from scratch,get your things done.
Convert these feelings into motivation.
Show the world your true colours.
Dont let them doubt you,ever again.
Fly higher than the soaring eagle.
Be mightier than Everest.
Remember you’re the change,
The day you choose to act upon it,
You’ve accomplished half your goal.
Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Rise again.

*One last time he said.
Give me one last chance baby,we can make this work,we always got back together,we are much stronger than this.
My heart sobbed,I love you so much that it hurts but I can’t do this anymore.
I’m sorry but we have to let this go.*

I still remember the first time I met you.
Grade six.You were such a kid,didn’t care what others thought,obsessed with Michael Jackson,had your group of close friends,enjoyed life to the fullest and I remember thinking,I want to be like him.
He’s so carefree, he doesn’t have any problems.
You became my friend so easily,we talked so much,annoyed each other way too much and then suddenly we were in a relationship. I didn’t know know how or when.
I didn’t know if I was happy about it or not but somehow someday,along the way,we fell in love and we fell hard.
But I suppose fairy tales dont exist,we were a whirlpool of love,a tornado of fights,some said we were too alike,some said we couldn’t ever agree on one thing.
We were chaos together,we brought the worst and the best in each other.
You were my best and my worst habit.
What we had was beyond ordinary but after every unimaginable dream,a nightmare always shows up.
We fought for too long,we’ve loved too much,I’ve lost too much. Im on the edge of getting destroyed by your love but I can’t do this anymore
I can’t break myself to bring you up.
I won’t destroy myself for you.
I loved you through everything.
I will not let myself suffer anymore.
There’s no going back now.
Yes,it’s going too be hard but I’ll survive.
I always have,I’m a survivor.
A warrior.

This was something I had written a long time back but I didn’t listen to my own advice,eventually I did and the only reason I’m sharing this is because there are many people out there who think, they won’t fall in love again,people who have just had a break up,this is just a message to them.
That no matter what,you’re stronger than what you think are,no matter what happens,its always your choice,youll be happy again and trust me youll enjoy every single moment of it.It might feel as If you’re going to be depressed forever but trust me its your choice if you want to move on or not. Once you’ve made that choice,it’ll take you weeks,months,years to get over it but you eventually will.This implies to ALL KINDS OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS. Whether it was love or friendship both hurt almost the same.
I went through it,a billion others did so.
Today,all I can say is that,I’ve never been happier with myself and my life and the way things turned out.
So till then my friend,enjoy life and stay strong,no matter what.

Life goes on

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Happy, Life, Society, Teenagers

Oh but honey you’ll fall in love again!
Do not let that boy ruin it for you.
You’re so young,dont you worry your pretty little mind
You’re going to meet someone better
He might not be as good looking.
He might not be that rich.
But he’ll love you for who you are
And you’ll love him for it
You’ll find your soulmate in him
And trust me,its going to be as amazing as the first time.
If not,its going to be crazier!
After all he got you to fall in love again,didn’t he?
So until then,
Keep your head high
Life will go on
Smile,laugh,love,be kind to others,be generous to the underprivileged
Make every second count
Live life the way you want to
Stop being so scared,strip away your insecurities darling!
You’re going to love every moment of it