Worth it?

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Life, Sad, Teenagers

After everything we’ve been through, we’ve always come out stronger but how long can one last till they finally snap and realise they’ve had enough? Even then,even after realising that they could get much better the real question is do they want much better?
It’s almost like checking the pros and cons.
You love them but they piss the hell out of you. You want them 24/7 but you also want to smack their face. The endless cycle of the same old fights,for how long will it continue?
Aren’t you tired of it by now?
Does this tie you down?
How do you feel when you realise that love is not enough?
What do you do when you’ve given up all your dreams for that one person and you get absolutely nothing in return? What do you do when they can’t handle you at your worst and instead of consoling you all they do is stir up another fight.
How much longer will you forgive them for their every mistake just because you want them in your life? Just because you’re not ready to let go.
Fights,fights day and night.
The same old question nags at the back of your mind,is this worth it?
Do you still want the same old love?
Do you wanna stay or walk away?

  1. Neha Kumar says:

    Walk away


  2. I’ve always maintained that if someone truly loves you, they would never ask you to give up your dreams, but instead would help you to build your dreams and make them come true, even if it means having to let you go. Love doesn’t grasp tightly, it allows one to rest on a soft, open palm.

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    • ItsCherrx says:

      True but the person doesn’t realise that you’ve given up on your dreams for them. They are completely clueless about it. It’s your own love towards them that has encouraged you to give up on your dreams even when they encourage you to go ahead and take up on them. Although I don’t think I’ve heard a better definition of love than what you’ve mentioned x.

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  3. Omar says:

    I think if you two love each other and would give up almost anything for each other then it should be worth it.Remember you can always get a second chance at falling in love with the same person for the first!

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