Life goes on

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Happy, Life, Society, Teenagers

Oh but honey you’ll fall in love again!
Do not let that boy ruin it for you.
You’re so young,dont you worry your pretty little mind
You’re going to meet someone better
He might not be as good looking.
He might not be that rich.
But he’ll love you for who you are
And you’ll love him for it
You’ll find your soulmate in him
And trust me,its going to be as amazing as the first time.
If not,its going to be crazier!
After all he got you to fall in love again,didn’t he?
So until then,
Keep your head high
Life will go on
Smile,laugh,love,be kind to others,be generous to the underprivileged
Make every second count
Live life the way you want to
Stop being so scared,strip away your insecurities darling!
You’re going to love every moment of it

  1. Tom2605 says:

    Dude you’re freaking amazing #mindblown


  2. Heya!
    I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. 😀
    Check out my blog post for the details!


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